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Sociology Talk Featuring Professor Kevin Leicht

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Department of Sociology
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Feb 11, 2022   3:00 pm  
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Department of Sociology

Inequality and the Status Window: Inequality, Conflict, and the Salience of Status Differences in Conflicts over Resources

Abstract: The study of the relationship between social status and inequality has a long and distinguished history. Inequality scholars outside of this tradition have paid more attention to social status in response to a set of seemingly persistent paradoxes that defy easy explanation. In this paper I add modestly to this tradition by developing the concept of status windows and status windows overlap to partially account for differences in the relationship between social status and inequality processes in low and high-inequality regimes. These concepts, in concert with social psychological changes that accompany rising inequality, help to account for the enhanced importance of social status in high-inequality regimes and the lack of commitment to collective solutions to inequality in those regimes. In the conclusion, I recommend that research on social status focus on understandings of status windows and status windows overlap in high and low-inequality contexts as a means for understanding why social inequality continues unabated in some places but not others.

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