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Designing a Sustainable Europe: The Adventure Game

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European Union Center
wifi event
Apr 20, 2022   2:00 - 3:30 pm  
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This session is part of the European Union Center's 12th Illinois EU Studies Conference. Please see here for more information on the conference. If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please indicate your interest on the registration form.

"Designing a Sustainable Europe: The Adventure Game" is a game design workshop for attendees, led by Dr. Judith Pintar, Teaching Associate Professor of Information Sciences. No game design experience is required. After a brief introduction to the challenge, the workshop will begin with a collaborative brainstorming of topics of relevance to the attendees, on the broad topic of “sustainable Europe” as workshop participants interpret it. These topics or themes will be listed, and small groups will be randomly assigned two of them, and also randomly assigned a game modality (board game, card game, VR experience, etc).

Groups will break out (virtually or in person – the workshop could take place in either setting), and be tasked with coming up with a short design document about a game experience that would explore those topics in that modality. A simple design document includes the premise of a game, its gameworld, rules, roles mechanics, and its endgame. Small groups will get back together and “pitch” their designs to the larger group.  

Participants will vote on best design. Extra points given for games that in some way address the Global South. 

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