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Brown University Chemistry’s Graduate Ambassador Award Lecture: Mr. Stephen Kocheril (BS, '16, UIUC Chemistry), Brown University: “Photoelectron Imaging of Laser Vaporized Cryogenically-Cooled Atomic Cluster Anions"

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Department of Chemistry, UIUC; Department of Chemistry, Brown University
Chem Annex 1024
Nov 10, 2022   2:00 pm  
Mr. Stephen Kocheril (BS, '16, UIUC Chemistry)
Randy Prince
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Chemistry - Physical Chemistry Seminars

Reception to follow seminar in Chem Annex 1025

About the Speaker

Alumnus Stephen Kocheril (BS, Chemistry, '16), currently pursuing a PhD in Physical Chemistry at Brown University, is the recipient of Brown University Chemistry's Graduate Ambassador Award. The award is given annually to a small group of students who have demonstrated excellence in teaching, research, and service as a graduate student; it provides funding for recipients to return to their alma mater and give a seminar in their former department.

Kocheril is advised by Prof. Lai-Sheng Wang, and his research focuses on utilizing high-resolution photoelectron imaging to study the electronic structure and chemical bonding of anionic clusters.



The advent of ion traps as cooling devices has revolutionized ion spectroscopy as it is now possible to efficiently cool ions vibrationally and rotationally to levels where truly high-resolution experiments are now feasible. We have recently developed a new experimental apparatus that couples a cryogenically-cooled 3D Paul trap with a laser vaporization cluster source for high-resolution photoelectron imaging of cold cluster anions. This talk will highlight our new results on metal oxide anionic clusters demonstrating our ability to cool small cluster anions, as well as showcasing the ability to perform temperature dependent Photoelectron spectroscopy studies, which allow us to selectively probe the structures of the trapped anions and the corresponding neutral cluster.

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