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Nuclear Physics Seminar - Juliette Mammei (University of Manitoba) "Parity-violating electron scattering to measure nuclear and nucleon properties"

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Physics Department
464 Loomis
Apr 22, 2024   1:00 pm  
Juliette Mammei
Brandy Koebbe
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Physics - Nuclear Physics Seminar

In this talk I will give a brief history of parity-violating electron scattering (PVES), which can be used to measure nuclear and nucleon properties.  The recently completed PREX and CREX experiments measured the neutron skins of lead and calcium, which tell us about the equation of state of neutron matter and help us understand the structure of neutron stars.  The future MOLLER experiment will measure the weak charge of the electron.  More importantly, MOLLER will serve as a test of the Standard Model via an ultra-precise measurement of the weak mixing angle at low energy as precise as individual collider measurements at the Z0 pole.  I will discuss some of the common aspects of all PVES experiments, concentrating on the MOLLER experiment.  I will also describe some other planned measurements using the technique.  

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