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QSQM Junior Research Hour

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Quantum Sensing and Quantum Materials (QSQM)
UIUC: 280 Materials Research Laboratory | SLAC: 130 McCullough Building
Dec 13, 2023   1:00 - 2:00 pm  
Dr. Shirin Mozaffari, Materials Science and Engineering Department, University of Tennessee
Dipanjan Chaudhuri
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A Tunable Charge Density Wave in the Kagome Metal ScV6Sn6

Abstract: ScV6Sn6 is a newly discovered vanadium kagome metal which hosts a charge density wave (CDW) below a temperature of 92 K. I will present detailed electrical transport results on ScV6Sn6 and its isostructural counterpart, LuV6Sn66, which lacks CDW order. By comparing the electrical properties of these two materials, several important features about the CDW state that forms in ScV6Sn6 are unraveled. Three points stand out from the comparison between the Sc and Lu compounds. First, applying a magnetic field to ScV6Sn6 changes the resistivity vs temperature from metal-like to insulator-like. Next, we observe behavior akin to the anomalous Hall effect in the CDW phase of ScV6Sn6 even without magnetic order. Lastly, we found that the temperature dependence of the resistivity scales as T3/5 in ScV6Sn6, KV3Sb5, RbV3Sb5, and CsV3Sb5, suggesting that this sublinear behavior is universal among the vanadium kagome compounds which exhibit CDW. By contrast, resistivity in the non-CDW compound LuV6Sn6 has a linear temperature dependence in the same temperature region.

Bio: Shirin obtained her PhD from UT Austin, where she worked on transport properties of oxides interfaces, epitaxial growth of materials, and superconductivity. She then joined the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and studied topological semimetals and high temperature superconductors. Presently, she is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Materials Sciences and Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The title of her talk is “A tunable charge density wave in the kagome metal ScV6Sn6” and a brief abstract is attached herewith.

About the QSQM: The EFRC-QSQM center aims to develop and apply nontrivial quantum sensing to measure and correlate local and nonlocal quantum observables in exotic superconductors, topological crystalline insulators, and strange metals. The center is led by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in partnership with the University of Illinois at Chicago and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

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