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IQUIST Special Seminar: "Programmable Quantum Matter," Kaden Hazzard, Rice University

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Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center
190 Engineering Sciences Building
Apr 27, 2023   11:00 - 11:50 am  
Kaden Hazzard, Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rice University
Hannah Stites
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"Programmable Quantum Matter"

Physicists’ ability to measure and control quantum matter has grown from manipulating the quantum motion of single atoms in the 1990s to coherently controlling hundreds of them, atom-by-atom. This has led to insights into interacting quantum matter, and new phases of matter and dynamical phenomena. I will discuss our recent progress advancing this frontier, in which we (theorists) have partnered with experimentalists to create and understand programmable matter in both real space and in so-called synthetic dimensions. One approach uses optical potentials in real space to program arbitrary lattice geometries for fermions, allowing experiments to perform “quantum simulations” of models and regimes that have never before been accessible. Another, perhaps more surprising, approach uses synthetic dimensions, systems with degrees of freedom that behave in a way that can mimic motion in space. I will focus on Rydberg atom synthetic dimensions, describing recent experiments that observed topological edge states and how interactions can lead to novel phenomena such as quantum strings and membranes, and to parastatistical quasiparticles, a type of particle beyond fermions and bosons (and beyond anyons).

Bio: Kaden Hazzard is an Associate Professor at Rice University, where he studies how to understand and control quantum matter, especially in ultracold systems. He is interested in how to engineer increasingly complex or useful quantum states, and how to understand the rich behaviors that emerge in correlated quantum matter. He received his BS from Ohio State University and his PhD from Cornell University in 2010. He spent 2010-14 as a postdoc at JILA/CU-Boulder. Since July 2014, he has been faculty in the Rice University department of physics and astronomy. 

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