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Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Seminar: Nima Lashkari (Purdue) "Black hole Information loss, wormholes, and emergent type III_1 algebras"

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The Physics Department
190 Engineering Sciences Building
Mar 7, 2023   11:00 am  
Nima Lashkari, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Purdue University
Roy Araiza
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Physics - Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Seminar

A manifestation of the black hole information loss problem is  that the time-evolved two-point function of an eternal AdS black hole decays exponentially fast, whereas in a boundary thermal field double it is expected to oscillate indefinitely
 without a long time limit. I point out that the decay of the two-point function can be used as a clue to the nature of observable algebras in quantum gravity. In particular, I argue that this decay is so special that it uniquely fixes the algebra of the bulk to be a type III_1 von Neumann algebra. Physically, type III_1 algebra can be understood as a maximally ergodic algebra where the modular evolution of any state shows no Poincare recurrences. I will comment on decorrelation and the stretching of the wormhole, and the generalized second law.


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