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Film Screening
Department of French and Italian
Apr 22, 2021   7:00 - 7:45 pm  
Ari Theodoropoulos
This semester we are continuing to offer "Cineforum", a new cultural experience we started last semester, and you are all invited!
This event entails:
- Watching the film before our discussion of the film together, for free!
- Sharing our perspectives on the film, noting cultural/historical aspects, and comparing these aspects to the culture of the U.S.
Please email for zoom information.
30 marzo (Tues), 7.00-7.45 pm: L’amore molesto / Troubling love (1995).
Plot: Delia must confront her past and family secrets after she returns home to Naples
for her mother’s funeral, which reveals more sordid details.
22 aprile (Thurs), 7.00-7.45 pm: Puoi baciare lo sposo / My big, gay Italian wedding (2018).
Plot: An engaged gay man faces a double whammy when he decides to come out to his
opinionated Italian parents in person and introducing his fiancé.
30 aprile (Fri), 7.00-7.45 pm: Il gattopardo / The Leopard (1963).
Plot: As Garibaldi's troops begin the unification of Italy in the 1860s, an aristocratic Sicilian family
grudgingly adapts to the sweeping social changes undermining their way of life. Proud but pragmatic Prince Don Fabrizio Salina allows his nephew Tancredi to marry Angelica, the beautiful daughter of bourgeois Don Calogero, in order to maintain the family's accustomed level of comfort and political clout.
Before watching this film, check this clip to hear what Burt Lancaster who plays the main
character of the film, has to say about it:
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