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Astronomy Colloquium - "Unveiling Young, Nearby Exosatellites with Infrared, Space-Based Surveys"

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Department of Astronomy
Loomis 144
May 3, 2022   3:45 pm  
Melinda Soares-Furtado, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Rebecca Bare
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I present the design considerations and wide-ranging science outcomes that would accompany the proposed Transiting Exosatellites, Moons, and Planets in Orion (TEMPO) Survey. A survey like TEMPO would offer the community a 30-day, time-domain photometric investigation of young star-forming regions using a wide-field, infrared, space satellite. TEMPO proposes to survey the nearby (400 pc) Orion Nebula Cluster (1-3 Myr) with the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. A TEMPO-like survey is expected to unveil a population of exosatellites that are still in the early phases of their formation and evolution. I will describe the model-derived detection yields that would accompany such a survey, which includes a population of "super Titan" exosatellites and proto-habitable-zone systems that are analogs of the young Trappist 1 system. Theories predict that these young sources should be in possession of significant H/He envelopes, however, few constraints are available to distinguish between degenerate mechanisms. A TEMPO-like survey would provide data-derived constraints on the envelope accretion and depletion processes and could be leveraged to constrain the lower end of the initial mass function.


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