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Astronomy Colloquium - "Pictures of Exoplanets around Accelerating Stars: A Direct Imaging Survey with SCExAO/CHARIS"

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Department of Astronomy
144 Loomis
Mar 8, 2022   3:45 pm  
Taylor Tobin, University of Notre Dame
Rebecca Bare
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Directly imaged exoplanets are uniquely positioned to provide observational insight into planet formation models. In addition to providing astrometric tracking and spectral measurements for each detected planet, direct imaging at near-infrared wavelengths targets young exoplanets, still cooling from their formation. However, despite its conceptual simplicity and scientific benefits, exoplanet direct imaging is one of the most technologically difficult methods of exoplanet detection. Even with technological improvements, stellar systems hosting imageable exoplanets are rare. To amass a sufficient sample of imageable exoplanets for more robust studies of their atmospheric chemistry, formation, and evolution, targeted surveys are needed. In this talk, I will discuss progress from the ongoing direct imaging survey with SCExAO/CHARIS targeting stellar systems displaying astrometric evidence of possible companions, as well as progress on CHARIS’s new automated data processing backend, ADEPTS.


Topic: Astronomy Colloquium SP22


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