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Lecture: Research in Translation, Complexity and Integrated Translation Project

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Center for Translation Studies, European Union Center
Lucy Ellis Lounge (Room 1080), Foreign Languages Building, 707 S. Mathews Ave., Urbana, IL (map)
Nov 4, 2014   4:00 pm  
Patricia Minacori, Universite Paris Diderot; Scholar in Residence, EUC/CTS
Kim Rice
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Epistemology as it was articulated in the early twentieth century can no longer adequately explain certain research topics. Since knowledge is now multidimensional, it is impossible to merely clarify and simplify. The notion of complexity, as defined by Edgar Morin offers a good opportunity to acquire knowledge about knowledge, and some of the principles articulated by Morin may help to understand complexity. These principles will be discussed here. In addition I will provide an example of complexity as it plays out in what I call the Integrated Translation Project. This annual project for students involves the team translation of a document on spatial development and planning, and is completed over a period of 3 days by a team of student translators who are integrating CAT tools and terminology work. The project and the results will be described in the lecture, and the concept of complexity will be considered in order to illustrate its usefulness for getting over what at first appear to be insurmountable barriers to the success of a project so apparently fraught with difficulties.

Patricia Minacori is a former technical and scientific translator who now holds the position of associate professor and Director of the Program in Research and Professionalization in the Department of Applied Languages at the Universite Paris Diderot -- Paris VII. In collaboration with Ioan Roxin at the Université de Montbéliard, she developed a tool for translation assessment . She has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals in both English and French. Her research interests include translation, technical communication and complexity. She has organised three international conferences on technical communication and the next one will be held on January 2015.

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