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Creating Europe Through the Built Environment (Conversations on Europe)

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European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh
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Feb 18, 2021   11:00 am - 12:30 pm  
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The European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh’s Conversations on Europe series of moderated virtual roundtables connects top experts from North Africa and Europe to discuss contemporary issues facing Europe and the Transatlantic relationship. The European Studies Center's 2020-21 theme, Creating Europe, explores both the political, social, cultural, and geographical forces that have given shape to contemporary Europe and also individuals who create and are creative in their daily or artistic expressions of what it means to be European. In this second installment of the 'Creating Europe through' series, the focus will be on the built environment. Panelists will discuss the following: How does the architecture of EU institutional buildings reflect or express European ideas or identity? Does EU funding for infrastructure projects throughout Europe promote a European identity among EU citizens? And how does the EU work to integrate buildings into the circular economy and create a greener Europe?


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