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NTT DATA Hackathon

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Mar 29, 2022 - Jun 6, 2022   All Day
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The Hack is Back: An Invitation to Get Innovative - Participate in the NTT DATA AI Hackathon

At NTT DATA, we encourage collaboration and free thinking, and we tear down barriers that limit creativity. We work hard to foster a culture of innovation as we believe it is the key to dealing with uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

We are thrilled to announce NTT DATA is partnering with TechGig Code Gladiators 2022, one of the world’s largest hackathon and coding events. We are the exclusive sponsor of the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-themed hackathon.

AI is one of the most exciting emerging technologies and is already reshaping business and society. The NTT DATA AI Hackathon is a great opportunity to apply your creativity and ingenuity to develop innovative ideas and solutions. Registrations are now open and will close on June 6, 2022. The online event will run till August 2, 2022.

What are you waiting for? If you aspire to do great things and make an impact, put your hack hat on and test your mettle against brilliant minds from all over the world!

Register for the Hackathon Now!

Along with an opportunity to compete with the very best, you also have the chance to win various prizes and cash awards up to INR 3,50,000 (approx. USD 5,000). The details are available in the TechGig website.

We look forward to your participation and wish you all the best!

Legal Disclaimer: NTT DATA Inc. and its subsidiaries (together NTT DATA) requests participants to note that the decision to participate in NTT DATA AI Hackathon (Contest) will be voluntary and that NTT DATA shall not be liable under any circumstances for any claim, directly or indirectly, arising out of the participation. Any activity by the participant on the TechGig platform as part of NTT DATA AI Hackathon, is governed by the terms and conditions set forth between TechGig, NTT DATA and the participant. NTT DATA will not be liable for any breaches including but not limited to privacy/confidentiality, infringement of any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights. Participants will be directly providing their personal data to TechGig. Participants are requested to review the privacy policy of TechGig prior to providing any personal data. The information shared by the participants with TechGig and NTT DATA may be used for recruitment purposes and also for different contests/events as conducted by and they agree that they have provided their consent for the same. The email address or other personally identifiable information of the participants may also be used to send commercial or marketing messages about the services and/or such additional updates and features about third party products and services with an option to subscribe/unsubscribe (where feasible). Participants also consent that NTT DATA may use and publish the Contest details in NTT DATA's print, online and video-based brochures as well as any other NTT DATA publications/communications/programs/any media-related activity by NTT DATA.

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