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Fall Seminar Series - "Policed: Criminalization and the Policing of Public Housing"

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Department of Sociology
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Oct 2, 2020   9:00 am  
Ghassan Moussawi
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As a result of social issues produced by poverty and disadvantage, the growth of racialized populations in urban areas, and expanding gentrification, policing has grown exponentially in cities across the United States in recent decades.

This seminar focuses on the policing of a high-rise public housing development in Brooklyn, New York, where New York City police remain stationed 24-7. Employing ethnographic methods, I explore the everyday experiences of residents as they navigate concerns surrounding surveillance, policing, and incarceration. In particular, the talk explores how policing and surveillance shape the social worlds of residents and the strategies they employ to navigate policing and criminal-legal contact.

Philip V. McHarris is a joint PhD candidate in Sociology and African American Studies at Yale University. Philip’s main areas of research include race and ethnicity, housing, policing, and inequality. 

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