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Statistics Seminar - Partha Dey (UIUC) "Cluster expansion method in Spin glasses"

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Jingbo Liu
119 Materials Science and Engineering Building
Sep 7, 2023   3:30 pm  
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Title:  Cluster expansion method in Spin glasses

 Abstract:   Cluster expansion approach was used in the seminal work of Aizenman-Lebowitz-Ruelle (1987) to understand the distributional limit of the free energy in the high-temperature SK spin glass model with zero external field. The main idea is to convert the probabilistic problem into a counting problem. We use this approach to understand the high-temperature behavior of a few Spin glass models, including

     a) Sherrington Kirkpatrick Spin glass model under weak external field,

    b) mixed p-spin glass model with zero and weak external field,

    c) heavy-tailed p-spin glass under zero and weak external field.

 Time permitting we will discuss application to mean-field traveling salesman, matching and spanning tree problems. Based on joint work with Qiang Wu and Greg Terlov.


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