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This calendar lists exhibits in the Marshall Gallery, Floor 1 North-South Corridor, and Floor 2 Circulation area.  Exhibits may be viewed when the Main Library is open; check Library website for current hours.

Steady Does It: American Sentiments Personified by Uncle Sam 1942-52

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University Archives
Marshall Gallery (Main Library, East Entrance)
Jun 1, 2022 - Jun 30, 2022   All Day
Paul Gilbert II

Like Uncle Sam, the Ad Council solved and spoke to problems that the federal government could not tackle alone. Constant, yet always evolving, the Ad Council and Uncle Sam reflect the sentiments, hopes, fears, and desires of their times. Is Uncle Sam standing resplendent and regal, as always? Is he dressing down to better relate to the working class? What about his expression? Is he confident? Angry? Determined? Depressed? If pictures are truly worth a thousand words each, then choices by the illustrators hired by the Ad Council can reveal much about the State of the Union. This exhibit showcases Ad Council materials from World War II and the first years of the Cold War.

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