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Calling the Muses to Oklahoma: Native North American Writing on Greco-Roman Antiquity

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Center for Advanced Study
Music Room, Levis Faculty Center, 919 West Illinois Street, Urbana
Sep 25, 2019   12:00 pm  
Craig Williams, Department of Classics, University of Illinois
Free and open to the public
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American Indian Studies Program

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There is a fascinating but little known history of Native North American writing on the classical cultures of Europe: in poetry, novels, short stories, essays, letters, and other genres from the seventeenth century to today, Native writers have been using the history, mythology, literature, and languages of ancient Greece and Rome to a variety of effects.

Generation after generation, they have written precisely as indigenous writers in a colonial situation, highlighting their
Native identity and making use of the settler-colonists' prestigious antiquity as they participate in what has been called survivance.

In this presentation Professor Williams will provide a selective overview of this tradition, highlighting a few recurring themes and suggesting some interpretive frameworks

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