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Jeffrey Breslow lecture, 'ADULTHOOD IS SO OVERRATED Mentoring, toy design and sculpture Always keep the child inside of you"

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School of Art + Design
331 A+D
Oct 10, 2018   11:30 am  


Jeffrey Breslow graduated from the University of Illinois in 1965 with a BFA in Industrial Design. As a student he designed furniture, automobiles, appliances, telephones and tools, but he really wanted to spend his life designing toys and games.

On April 11, 1967 Breslow was hired by Marvin Glass, a well-known, prominent toy designer in Chicago. The genius of Marvin Glass was that he created the world of independent toy design and licensed these ideas to all major US and world toy manufactures. Glass recognized young talent, so after only 2 years, Breslow was made a general partner, the youngest ever at Marvin Glass and Associates.  In 1974 upon Glass’s death, Breslow became the managing partner.

In 1988 with his partners, Howard Morrison and Rouben Terzian, Breslow Morrison Terzian was established. It was their own independent toy design firm. In 2003 Breslow Morrison Terzian name was changed to Big Monster Toys…..and today… it still exists as a thriving independent toy design company.

In 1988 Jeffrey Breslow, Howard Morrison and Rouben Terzian were inducted into the Toy Manufactures Of America Hall Of Fame. In 2007 Breslow received the very first TAGIE, Life Time Toy And Game Innovation Achievement Award.

In 2008 Breslow left the toy design business to pursue a second career as a fulltime sculptor. In 2015 he was honored to have a solo exhibition at Chicago’s WILLIS TOWER, exhibiting 27 indoor and outdoor pieces for 6 months. He also exhibits his and other artists at his own gallery in the West Loop of Chicago.

In 2016 Breslow had his first piece of sculpture at ArtPrize. It was one of his steel and stone pieces that was displayed behind the Van Andel Museum.

In 2017 his second ArtPrizesculpture was PLAY FOR PEACE. It was in the reflection pond in front of the Gerald R Ford presidential museum.  It was a water powered merry go round of children of bright colors. The message of the sculpture was if we learn to get along as children, there will be peace and harmony in the world when we grow up.

Recently finished and now ready to be published is “ Ants In The Pants “ a memoir of his joyful life as a toy and game designer.

Breslow is a life-long Chicagoan, and avid skier, hiker and adventure traveler. He has 3 grown sons and 4 grandsons.





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