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Dr. Daniel Maroun, invited discussant of "Arabic for all: Why my language is taboo in France"

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Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Notre Dame
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Mar 16, 2021   12:45 - 1:45 pm  
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Department of French and Italian (EVENTS)

Lecture with Nabil Wakim, journalist (Le Monde)

discussants: Dr. Sonja Stojanovic (Notre-Dame) and Dr. Daniel Maroun (UIUC)



Nabil Wakim is a journalist for the French newspaper "Le Monde" and he has just published a book called "L'arabe pour tous. Pourquoi ma langue est taboue en France" [Arabic for all: Why my language is taboo in France], in which he discusses France's relationship to the Arabic language in the context of growing islamophobia.

Arabic is the second most-spoken language in France, however, is it barely formally taught in schools; Arabic instruction happens primarily at home, in mosques or through cultural organizations. In his recently-published book, journalist Nabil Wakim explores the reluctance of the French educational system to widely include Arabic as a foreign language choice (English, Spanish or German are the most popular languages taught in primary and secondary schools).

with the introduction by, and discussions with, Dr. Sonja Stojanovic, Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies and Dr. Daniel Maroun, Director of Unfdergraduate Sudies at the Department of French & Italian, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Registration: https://notredame.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_CiIEtUDVRfCCoF644VJG5Q

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