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CHBE 565 Seminar, Dr. Gregg Beckham, "Development of Chemical Recycling Approaches for Waste Plastics" (host: Peters)

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Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and International Paper Company
116 Roger Adams Laboratory
Dec 7, 2021   2:00 pm  
Christy Bowser
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Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Seminars and Events

The accumulation of waste plastics in landfills and the natural environment is now well recognized as a global pollution crisis. Moreover, plastics manufacturing is estimated to account for 20% of fossil carbon consumption by 2050. Among the portfolio of solutions to mitigate the plastics waste problem, catalysis-enabled chemical recycling is a promising approach to enable a circular materials economy for synthetic polymers. This talk will review our recent efforts in biological and chemical catalysis for chemical recycling. Examples of techno-economic and materials flow analyses will also be highlighted as a means to focus research efforts towards realistic process development.

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