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FA19 iOptics Seminar Series: Parth Sheth

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iOptics Student Group
Beckman 2269 - 2nd Floor Tower Room
Nov 15, 2019   12:00 pm  
Parth Sheth: "Commercializing Innovative Research Technology: Perspectives from the Healthcare Sector"
McKinley, Kelly

Come join us for a discussion on building a product and company based on innovative optical technology research with Parth Sheth, the founder of Surge Health, a strategy consultancy for health-related startups. Translating new technologies from research into products for healthcare can be challenging – the person who benefits (patients or physicians) may be different from who pays (insurers), prescribes (physicians), or administers (healthcare systems). We will discuss these challenges and how to think about value proposition, elements of building an effective product, commercialization in the healthcare environment, and things to think about when starting a company based on innovative research and technology. Topics of discussion will include identifying and characterizing true clinical need, building your product to integrate within the healthcare workflow, and creating value for multiple stakeholders in healthcare.


Parth Sheth is the founder of Surge Health, a strategy consultancy for health-related startups. He works with early-stage medical device and digital health companies and other startups with existing products looking to expand into healthcare. He is on the Innovation Council for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where he helps evaluate and identify ventures that can make an impact in the care of patients and healthcare delivery. In a prior career, Parth was an analyst in the US Intelligence Community and a co-founder & co-inventor of Medella Solutions, which developed a pressure-moisture sensor mat to prevent pressure ulcer formation in hospitalized patients. Parth holds an MS in Applied Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and a BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan, where he was involved in research investigating extracorporeal organ resuscitation and the use of an artificial lung as a bridge to transplant. He can be found at the links below:



Twitter: @ParthSheth25


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