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Teachers' Well-Being and Resilience (Transatlantic Educators Lecture Series)

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European Union Center
Nov 13, 2021   11:00 am - 12:00 pm  

The presentation is focused on the topic of teachers' well-being and resilience. It starts with an expected complexity of demands for teachers but in an unexpected way. The presenters continue with a brief insight into some online sources where one can find not only ideas on how to practice well-being, self-care, and resiliency, but also assorted studies on how important it is to prevent teachers' burnout. The presentation also brings in the results of a survey conducted in the presenters’ schools about teachers' complaints, demands and state of well-being. The presentation further focuses on the positive effects self-care has on teachers’ resilience, and on diverse ways of improving resilience and managing stress. Finally, the authors of this presentation share their personal confessions about maintaining their own well-being and resilience. 


The presentation will be given by Inga Chiosa (Vice Director of Heritage International School in Chisinau, Moldova); Višnja Brcković (English Teacher at Mate Balote Secondary School in Poreč, Croatia); Ilze Kuhalska, (English Teacher at Gaigalava Primary School and East Latvia High School of Technology in Rezekne, Latvia); Vika Perinčič (English and German Teacher at Simona Kosa Podbrdo Primary School and Tolmin Gymnasium in Tolmin, Slovenia); and Lisa Scheidhauer (English and German Teacher at the primary school Wendelinusschule in Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany).

This event is part of the European Union Center's Transatlantic Educators Lecture Series, a series of virtual presentations by teachers for teachers that launched in Fall 2020. Presentations in this series explore education-related issues that are tied to a local and/or national context. Register here to attend the Fall 2021 series.

About the presenters:

Višnja Brcković has been a teacher of English as a foreign language in Croatian elementary and secondary schools for thirty-six years. Throughout this period she has been involved in professional development events that have taken place on the national and international levels, both online and offline. She is an active member of HUPE - the Croatian Association of Teachers of English. She has an additional, part-time or occasional job - she works as a court interpreter when the need arises. She loves walks in the country and visits to different places - of any size and anywhere. She is also fond of international contacts and cooperation. 

Inga Chiosa is Deputy Director and Academic Director at Heritage International School. With over 25 years of teaching experience in national and international schools, she has a large experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language and involving students in global projects, connecting her students to the wider world through international competitions, collaborative projects, and immersion in new cultures. Inga has experience in team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and designing educational programs and materials. She is Cambridge International PDQ Programme Leader in Teaching and Learning, Global School Alliance ambassador, eTwinning Teacher, and Odyssey of the Mind Coach. Inga firmly believes that the school’s mission is to prepare the students for the challenges of the future and that success in education is about building a community. @CpdHeritage

Ilze Kuhaļska is a teacher of English as a foreign language for students aged 7 to 18 as well as a tutor for adult English classes. Her work experience dates back to 2002. During this time, she has also been a coordinator of different international projects at her school that help students not only acquire new knowledge and skills, but also meet in person with their peers from various European countries. Ilze believes that international cooperation not only gives new contacts and new friends, but also helps to break stereotypes and broaden one’s horizons. Ilze also plays an active role in local community as a leader as well as a regional coordinator of charity organization that helps people in crisis situation. In her free time, Ilze enjoys being active together with her friends and stepping out of her comfort zone. Her motto is “Life is made of moments. Choose to create and collect the happy ones”. 

Vika Perinčič has been a teacher of English as a foreign language in primary and secondary schools in Slovenia for nine years. She is an active member of eTwinning community and school coordinator of the annual Amnesty International Write for Rights campaign. In her free time, she does sports and travels when possible.

Lisa Scheidhauer obtained her teaching degree in 2008 with majors in Primary School Education and English, her minors were in German and German as a Foreign Language. She spent her first years teaching at an inclusive secondary school in addition to leading English and German classes for adult learners. Since 2014 she has been working at an inclusive primary school. She is very interested in the fields of Social-Emotional Learning, Special Needs/Inclusive Education, as well as Intercultural Exchange. She is currently training to become a school mediator. In her free-time she enjoys the outdoors, learning new things and spending quality time with her loved ones.

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