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Engineer in Residence: Xiao Ma, "The Path from Research Projects to Real-world Products"

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Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois
2405 Siebel Center
Apr 4, 2013   12:00 pm  
Xiao Ma
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Bio: Xiao Ma is the Director of Engineering in Pattern Insight. He earned his Ph.D. at UIUC in 2012, and his B.S. at Zhejiang University (China) in 2004, both in Computer Science. During his Ph.D. study, Xiao took a temporary leave and became a founding engineer in Pattern Insight from day one. Pattern Insight has its root in the Department of Computer Science in UIUC. It was founded by Prof. Yuanyuan Zhou and her students in the OPERA research group. One of its flagship products, Code Insight, is used by industry leader companies, including but not limited to Qualcomm, CISCO, NetApp, etc. It helps developers quickly locate previously fixed bugs in very large code bases. Another product, Log Insight, was acquired by VMWare in August 2012.

Abstract: In this talk, Xiao will share the stories of Pattern Insight, the spin-off from the OPERA research group. He will focus on how to transfer research projects into real-world products and several lessons learned from the experiences. He will also talk about challenges of building a great product. Finally, he will show a demo of the flagship product from Pattern Insight - Code Insight.
Have a one-on-one meeting with Xiao during his office hours on Thursday, April 4. Register for a meeting at

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