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Distinguished Lecture - What Can Afghanistan, Kosova, and Poland Tell Us About American Universities? Or How Area Studies Can Anchor Cosmopolitan Intellectuality and Consequential Solidarity

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Russian, East European and Eurasian Center, Center for Advanced Study, Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, International Programs and Studies, European Union Center, Program in Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security, Center for Global Studies, Department of Sociology
126 GSLIS, 501 E. Daniel Street, Champaign
Sep 19, 2013   4:00 pm  
Michael Kennedy, Professor of Sociology and International Studies, Watson Institute and the Department of Sociology, Brown University
Free and open to the public
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Drawing on his recently completed manuscript "Articulations of Globalizing Knowledge," Michael Kennedy will address scholarship in and on Afghanistan, Kosova and Poland to reconsider how research and teaching can simultaneously recognize the challenge of difference and the ties that bind us. In particular, by comparing Poland's Solidarno'' in the 1980s, Kosova's Vetëvendosje and the international aid complex surrounding Afghanistan in this last decade, he will invite the campus community and the public at large to explore how material and symbolic structures interact to shape university priorities, and how universities can navigate those terrains to realize a greater institutional, and intellectual, global responsibility.

Michael D. Kennedy is Professor of Sociology and International Studies at Brown University’s Watson Institute and the Department of Sociology. With an initial interest on the place of intellectuals and professionals in East European social movements and systemic change, he now works on cultural politics, knowledge networks and global transformations. His most recent publications have addressed universities and social movements in these terms.

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