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Noontime Scholar Lecture - Black Pearl. Russian postmodernism in the context of creativity/entropy

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Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center
101 International Studies Building, 910 S Fifth St Champaign
Apr 23, 2013   12:00 pm  
Pavel Spivakovsky
This event is free and open to the public
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Russian, E. European & Eurasian Center: Speakers

Traditional notions of Russian postmodernism as an extreme cultural-aesthetic phenomenon miss the important qualities of heterogeneity it exhibits. The avant-garde is just one of its strands. In this talk Spivakovsky will look at Russian postmodernist literature and art with reference to the energy/entropy binary formulated by Yevgeny Zamyatin and examine its recent shift from the conceits of the avant-garde to a greater depth of perception and an acknowledgment of the tragic nature of contemporary existence.

Spivakovsky is an Associate Professor in the Department of Twentieth Century Russian Literature (Philological Faculty) at Moscow State University.  He is also a Visiting Associate Professor of the Russian, East European & Eurasian Center at the University of Illinois. His research interests include Russian Postmodernism, polyphony in the works of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and the work of Vladimir Sorokin's poetics. He is especially interested in Sorokin's poetics in terms of its ethics, views on citizenship, as well as the problem of overcoming the consequences of totalitarian thought and pre-modern stereotypes in the works of Russian postmodernists. Currently, his research focuses on the emergence of a new version of postmodernism in the context of the newest Russian reality.

He is the author of the monograph:  Fenomen A.I. Solzhenitsyna: novyi vzgliad / INION RAN. Moscow, 1998 and 60 scientific articles about Russian literature and culture of the Twentieth and Twenty-First centuries.  He also compiled and prefaced a book entitled: "Ivanu Denisovichu" polveka: Iubileinyi sbornik (1962'2012) . Moscow.: House of Russian emigre named Solzhenitsyn: Russkii put', 2012.

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