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Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

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Japan House
2000 S. Lincoln Avenue, Urbana, IL
Sep 21, 2017   3:00 pm  
$8 - students; $10-public
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Join us for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Chado, or The Way of Tea, is one of the most ancient and revered arts of Japan. During the ceremony, you will be served a bowl of matcha tea and a Japanese sweet. Reservations and payment in advance are required and can be done on our Eventbrite page. You will be asked to remove your shoes when you enter, and to wear white socks for the ceremony. We also ask that your legs be covered as is traditional in Japan. You will be kneeling or sitting on the tatami mats. If that is a problem for you, we can easily pull a chair up to the tea room for you. Because our tea room is slightly raised, you will be at the same level of those sitting on the tatami mats. Please check our Eventbrite page to see if the date you would like to come is available and reserve your space. Please call if you have any other questions.

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