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Photoshop CS6: Level 1

Event Type
FAST3/Webstore Training Services
UIUC -- location to be announced
Dec 12, 2013   8:30 am - 4:00 pm   lunch on your own
Peter Kimble
$112 faculty/staff/students
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(217) 333-6285
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WebStore/FAST3 Training

Our Introductory Photoshop workshop is ideal for both those who are new to Photoshop, as well for more experienced users who want to dramatically improve their Photoshop skills and abilities. We'll start with a general tour of Photoshop''s features, and then quickly move into learning how to retouch and enhance your images with a number of easy-to-use techniques.  Along the way, you'll develop an understanding of the important characteristics of digital images, so that you'll easily be able to decide how to best improve your own images after the workshop is over.  You'll learn to make your images much better looking with a number of techniques used by professionals and amateurs alike, with an emphasis on non-destructive editing (making image adjustments without permanently and irretrievability changing the image). Learn to select among and use Photoshop's retouching tools (including red-eye correction and spot healing), make overall image adjustments, including how to optimize the tonal range of your image (making sense of image histograms and levels), adjust hue/saturation and color balance, and how to crop, burn, and dodge (cut, darken, and lighten) portions of your image. You'll also use Photoshop's content-aware fill feature to remove unwanted objects from an image. The workshop will also introduce image layers, including how to combine multiple images into a single composite image, and pick the best parts of each -- even combining images with multiple focus distances (close-up and distant parts of the composite, both in focus). The workshop will also cover the important characteristics of digital images and appropriate resolutions, including the best ways to prepare an image for its final destination -- whether for printing, emailing, posting to the web, or archiving.

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