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CSE Seminar: Bringing Sound to the Big Data Age

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Computational Science and Engineering Departmnet
Nov 28, 2012   12:00 pm  
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Chemistry - Department of Chemistry Events

CSE Seminar

Wednesday, November 28

2240 DCL

12:00 noon

Pizza provided.

Title: Bringing Sound to the Big Data Age

Prof. Paris Smaragdis, Computer Science, UIUC

Models for sound have always hinged on parametric and low-rank formulations, predominantly to facilitate devices with limited power such as telephones and radios. As such devices constantly increase in computational abilities or get replaced by full-blown computers, we find ourselves under new circumstances that facilitate very different ways of thinking. In this seminar I'll talk about how we are rethinking the processing sound and speech, how we can tackle more ambitious problems, and the new computational methods that support this work.

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