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ICMT Seminar: "Sensing spin and spinning memory: A chiral-based spin sensors and magnetic memory devices without a permanent magnet"

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Dept. of Physics
190 ESB
Oct 14, 2013   12:00 pm  
Dr. Yossi Paltiel, School of Engineering and Computer Science, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Becky McDuffee
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Physics - Institute for Condensed Matter Theory Seminar

Several technologies are currently in use for computer memory devices. However, there is a need for a universal memory device that has high density, high speed and low power requirements. To this end, various types of magnetic-based technologies with a permanent magnet have been proposed. Recent charge-transfer studies indicate that chiral molecules act as an efficient spin filter.

We utilize this effect to achieve a proof of concept for a new type of chiral-based magnetic-based Si-compatible universal memory device without a permanent magnet. More specifically, we use spin-selective charge transfer through a self-assembled monolayer of polyalanine to magnetize a Ni layer. This magnitude of magnetization corresponds to applying an external magnetic field of 0.4 T to the Ni layer. The readout is achieved using low currents. The presented technology has the potential to overcome the limitations of other magnetic-based memory technologies to allow fabricating inexpensive, high-density universal memory-on-chip devices.

In the talk I will present our the nano tool box and show studies of charge transfer, spin transfer and energy transfer in the hybrid layers as well as collective transfer phenomena. These enable the realization of room temperature operating quantum electro optical devices. For example, I will present in details, our recent development of a new type of chiral molecules based magnetless universal memory exploiting selective spin transfer.

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