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Web, HTML & CSS workshop

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FAST3/Webstore Training Services
UIUC -- location to be announced
Apr 30, 2014   8:30 am - 4:00 pm   lunch on your own
Peter Kimble
$112 faculty/staff/students
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(217) 333-6285
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WebStore/FAST3 Training

This hands-on workshop will bring the World Wide Web into focus as a powerful tool to support a wide variety of information needs. After examining the organization and structure of the internet and the web, we'll learn the basic elements of HTML coding, creating and modifying a series of web pages as we learn. The workshop starts with web fundamentals, beginning with the basics of web and internet structure and organization, and how web browsers and web servers interact. We'll spend some time creating and modifying web pages with the HTML you'll learn, including formatting text, and creating links of several types (including internal, external, and even bookmark links). You'll add images to your web page, wrap text around those images, and make images into links, linking to other pages, or to larger versions of the same image. Finally, we'll introduce the concept of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and see why it's the preferred technique for giving web pages a standard appearance, as well as helping address accessibility issues. You'll use CSS rules to control the format and appearance of your web pages, including text, page, and link colors; fonts; page backgrounds; and even links that change appearance when the mouse moves over them.

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