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Theoretical Astrophysics and General Relativity Seminar: "Electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave events"

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Department of Physics
464 Loomis
Nov 7, 2012   12:00 pm  
Carlos Palenzuela (CITA)
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Physics - Astrophysics, Gravitation, and Cosmology Seminar

In the next few years a new generation of gravitational wave detectors will allow us to "listen" some of the most energetic events in the universe; the coalescence of binary compact objects such as black holes and/or neutron stars. If the magnetic field around these objects is sufficiently strong, the binary may produce an electromagnetic burst which we may be able to "see", especially if it is in the form of a collimated jet. A new era of multi-messenger astronomy, involving detections of EM, GW and possible neutrino signals, will provide more insight into the physical processes involved in the collisions. Supported by numerical evolutions, I will describe the dynamics of compact binary mergers, focusing on the gravitational waveforms and the possible EM counterparts from these systems.

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