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Theoretical Astrophysics and General Relativity Seminar:"Numerical relativity studies for coalescing neutron star binaries" - Masaru Shibata (Kyoto University)

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Department of Physics
464 Loomis
Oct 10, 2012   12:00 pm  
Masaru Shibata (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University)
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Physics - Astrophysics, Gravitation, and Cosmology Seminar

Inspiral and merger of binary neutron stars and black hole-neutron star binaries will be discovered by ground-based gravitational-wave detectors and by large telescopes for the transient search, such as the LSST, in the next decade. Theoretical studies for the final phase of these objects will play an important role in the future observations because (i) the theoretical prediction of the gravitational waveforms is crucial for the efficient detection of gravitational waves, (ii) gravitational waves from them will carry information about neutron stars, such as their radii and equations of state, that will be used for constraining nuclear-matter theory, (iii) the merger is likely to be a progenitor of the central engine of short-duration gamma-ray bursts, and (iv) the merger event could trigger a strong electromagnetic transient that has not been observed yet but may be observed in the future. I will report our latest numerical relativity studies associated with these topics.

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