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Translating Difference: Translation, Gender, and Russian National Identity

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Russian, East European and Eurasian Center
room 101, International Studies Building, 910 S Fifth Street, Champaign, IL 61820
Jun 17, 2014   12:00 pm  
Brian James Baer, Professor of Russian and Translation Studies, Kent State University
Free and open to the public
Zsuzsanna Magdo
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Since Lori Chamberlain’s essay on the gendered metaphorics of translation appeared in the late 1980s, the association of translation with the feminine has generated a great deal of discussion in the field of Translation Studies. This paper examines works by several Russian women writers that feature literary characters who are translators, offering a complex re-thinking of the problem of gender and translation. Rather than rejecting the association of women with translation, which, as Chamberlain asserts, has served to construct translation as a secondary form of literary production in the West since Romanticism, these writers seek to re-legitimate translation as both an aesthetic and ethical practice, presenting translation as an alternative—not secondary—form of authorship. Works by Nadezha Khvoshchinskaia, Alexandra Marinina, and Nina Gabrielyan, among others, will be discussed.  

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