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Tea Ceremony and Tour of Japan House

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Japan House
2000 S. Lincoln Avenue, Urbana, Illinois
Dec 15, 2012   3:00 pm  
$8 per person for tea ceremony, tour is free
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A tour of Japan House and a traditional Japanese tea ceremony will be offered at 3:00 p.m. There is a brief introduction and tour of Japan House, which is free. After that, if you would like to continue and participate in the tea ceremony, it is $8 per person. As you participate in the ceremony you will receive a bowl of whisked matcha tea and a traditional Japanese sweet. There is plenty of time for questions and photographs are allowed. The tea ceremonies offered on Saturdays are most often done 'table style' by the Urbana-Champaign Urasenke Tankokai tea group, which is a more contemporary style in which participants sit in chairs. All ages are welcome, must be able to sit quietly for duration of tea ceremony. The tour and tea ceremony will last about an hour depending on the number of participants. The tea ceremony is offered to a limited number of participants. Contact us with any other questions and to make a reservation!

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