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University Data Summit

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Illinois Data Science Initiative
The iHotel Chancellor Ballroom
Aug 23, 2017   8:30 am  

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What: University Data Summit
When: August 23, 2017: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Where: The iHotel Chancellor Ballroom

  1. Anyone who maintains, provides, analyses, or utilizes campus data in the University of Illinois community
  2. Anyone who is interested in improving program, student, faculty, and financial outcomes
  3. Anyone interested in the applications of data to inform smart planning, smart decisions and smart actions

Main Theme: Upwards as a Data-Smart University

Synopsis: The University of Illinois acquires, archives, and supports access to a data that touches all of campus including students, alumni, faculty and staff, facilities, research, outreach, and alumni and corporate engagement. Unfortunately, these data are often siloed, each with their own restrictions that severely limits access to individual data and generally prevents federation and value-added analysis.

With the growth of data science, our peers have demonstrated that these data hold great promise to revolutionize how Universities operate. As a result, we are holding a University Data Summit to publicize the different types of data available within our university, to discuss how we might overcome challenges that limit access or use, and to brainstorm about tools and analyses that relevant stakeholders would like to see developed. As a specific example, just as companies spend a considerable amount of money to improve targeted ads in online settings, we could use a similar approach to aid in recruitment of a diverse and inclusive student body, to identify and assist at-risk students earlier in the process, and to more effectively tailor alumni engagement.

The overall goal of the summit is to help move the whole Illinois community upwards as a data-smart University. The major topics of discussion will be student life (from recruitment to alumni), faculty support (from recruitment to success), and effective resource allocation.

View the agenda.

Specific outcomes of the summit might include designs of new tools and related data sets to enable the following:

  1. Develop a student “academic health” record (in a similar spirit to medical records, but focused on academics) that encode a student’s academic life from admissions through graduation and into alumni relations. This record can be used:
    • by admissions personnel to increase admission yields,
    • by advisors and faculty to improve retention and graduation rates and
    • by advancement to tailor alumni engagement on an individual basis.
  2. With aggregated student records, we can develop machine learning models to better:
    • predict (and increase) admissions yields to positively impact program rankings
    • identify and recruit students from under-represented groups to increase diversity
    • identify and support at-risk students earlier.
  3. With aggregated student and alumni data we can develop network models to improve interactions with potential donors so that all information about their previous familial experiences with the University of Illinois including connections to current students or other alumni are known by all engaged campus representatives.


  • Shiva Abbaszadeh
  • Stephanie Adams, AITS - Decision Support
  • Aseel Addawood
  • Brian Aldridge, Veterinary Clinical Medicine
  • Gabrielle Allen, College of Education
  • Matthew Ando, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Lawrence Angrave, Computer Science
  • Nick Arend, AITS Decision Support
  • Jennie Atkins, Illinois State Water Survey
  • Arian Azin
  • Brian Bailey, Computer Science
  • Wael Bakhit, LU
  • James Balamuta
  • Anita Balgopal, Office for the Protection of Research Subjects
  • Randy Ballard, Athletics
  • Joe Barnes, Technology Services
  • Amy Bayless, AITS
  • Yogesh Bhandari
  • Andy Borst, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Nigel Bosch, NCSA
  • David Brandon, Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Dan Breen, College of Business
  • Timothy Bretl
  • Kelly Bridgewater, Technology Services
  • Amanda Brown, College of Education
  • Jeffrey Brown, College of Business
  • Robert Brunner, Astronomy
  • Jenny Bruxvoort
  • Brad Burwell
  • Colleen Bushell, ARI
  • Alison Campbell, Decision Support/AITS
  • Roy Campbell
  • Christie Campbell-Hall, AITS Decision Support
  • Andreas Cangellaris, College of Engineering
  • Geoffrey Challen, CS
  • Anita Chan, MACS
  • Kevin Chang, Computer Science
  • Xiaobei Chen, ATLAS
  • Yuguo Chen
  • Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, Graduate College
  • Sarah Christensen, Library
  • Andy Clarke, Deloitte
  • Shondra Clay, Counseling Center
  • Jim Clennon, AITS
  • Domonic Cobb, Office of Minority Student Affairs
  • Peter Constable, Veterinary Medicine
  • Gillian Cooke, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute
  • Esra Coskun, Library
  • R Wes Crues, Educational Psychology
  • Paige Cunningham, School of Information Sciences/CITL
  • Harry Dankowicz, College of Engineering
  • Belinda De La Rosa, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Alice Delage, NCSA
  • Jana Diesner
  • Vicki Dixon, CEE
  • J. Stephen Downie, School of Information Sciences
  • Jean Drasgow
  • Amy Edwards
  • Meg Edwards, School of Information Sciences
  • Hady EL Hady, OIP
  • Paul Ellinger
  • Susan Elliott, College of Business
  • Julie Elzanati, Foundation Relations, OVCIA
  • Jamie Evans, Animal Sciences
  • Amy Fahey, College of AHS
  • Vanessa Faurie, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Advancement
  • Adam Fein
  • Ellen Fireman
  • Karle Flanagan, Statistics
  • Lisa Fogarty, AITS Decision Support
  • Sean Fox, Agricultural & Consumer Economics
  • Daniele Frerichs, ACES
  • Richard Gegg, Records and Information Management Services
  • Barb Geissler, College of Education
  • David Gerstenecker, College of ACES
  • Gabriel Gibson, ATLAS
  • Phil Graff, Division of Management Information
  • Brianna Gregg, ACES OAP
  • Diana Grigsby-Toussaint
  • William Gropp, NCSA
  • Tom Habing, Library
  • Nursalim Hadi, College of Business
  • Shinta Hadi, Division of Management Information
  • Ashley Hallock, AITS
  • Barbara Hancin-Bhatt, LAS Student Academic Affairs
  • Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell, College of Applied Health Sciences
  • Daniel Harmon, Enrollment Management
  • Meghan Hazen, Office of the Registrar
  • Joerg Heintz, Health Care Engineering Systems Center
  • Caroline Helton, ACE
  • Mark Henderson, Technology Services
  • Genevieve Henricks, iLEARN
  • Mikel Hernaez, IGB
  • Linda Herrera, EPOL
  • Ann Hettinger, Enrollment Management
  • Rod Hoewing, Office of the Registrar
  • Brant Houston, College of Media
  • Amy Hovious, Research IT, Technology Services
  • Lois Hoyer, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Feng Sheng Hu, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Vern Huber, ITS
  • Dave Iffland, Athletics
  • Heidi Imker, Library - Research Data Service
  • Harley Johnson, Mechanical Science & Engineering; Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Patricia Jones, Beckman Institute
  • Robert Jones, Office of the Chancellor
  • Taylor Judd, Office of Privacy and Information Security
  • Joanne Kaczmarek, Archives
  • Cynthia Kehoe, College of Business
  • Thenkurussi Kesavadas, Health Care Engineering Systems Center
  • Nada Khalil, Fulbright Program
  • Madhu Khanna
  • Melissa Kisubika, College of LAS
  • David Kristovich, ISWS/Prairie Research Institute
  • J Michael LaPointe, AITS
  • Scott Lathrop, NCSA
  • Warren Lavey, College of Law
  • Eddie Lee, AITS
  • Barlow LeVold, OVCIA, Office of Foundation Relations
  • Riad Makdissi, Fulbright
  • Julia Makela, The Career Center
  • Rajeev Malik, Foundation Relations
  • Archana Mandala, AITS-DS
  • Dan Mann, Enrollment Management
  • Nancy Mansfield, Beckman Institute
  • Rana Mansour
  • Martin Maurer, Accountancy
  • Beth McKown, NCSA
  • Neal Merchen, College of ACES - Office of Research
  • Jeremy Meuser, National Center for Professional and Research Ethics (NCPRE)
  • Maggie Miller
  • Bill Mischo, University Library
  • Bala Mutyala, CPRD/SSW
  • Jerry Myers, AITS - Decision Support
  • Rakesh Nagi, Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering
  • Mike Nelson, Main Library
  • Aria Novianto, College of Business
  • Kim Nystrom
  • Alisa Ortiz-Colon, Office for the Protection of Research Subjects
  • Michael Painter, Tech Services at Education
  • Luc Paquette
  • Normand Paquin, CSL
  • Jayesh Patel, AITS
  • Michelle Perry, Educational Psychology
  • JJ Pionke, University Library
  • Kevin Pitts
  • Tim Pollack, Center for Global Studies
  • Megan Puzey, Office of Corporate Relations
  • Alison Reddy
  • Lauren Redman, Animal Sciences
  • Allen Renear, School of Information Sciences
  • Shadi Rezapour
  • Tony Rimovsky, Technology Services
  • Gene Robinson
  • Nick Rogers, Athletics
  • Michelle Rome, College of LAS - ATLAS
  • Gail Rooney, The Career Center/Illinois Leadership Center
  • John Rossi, Technology Services
  • Bambie Roy, Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Collin Ruud, College of Business - iMBA Program
  • Rachel Saad, Fullbright
  • Arshad Saiyed, College of Business
  • William Sanders
  • Beth Scheid, Technology Services
  • Zac Schoenrock, NetMath
  • Alma Sealine, University Housing
  • Katherine Shaffer, Division of Specialized Care for Children
  • Naj Shaik, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning
  • Thomas Skottene, Enrollment Management
  • Linda Smith, School of Information Sciences
  • Tracy Smith, Tech Services
  • Ruth Sosnoff, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute
  • Wallace Southerland, Student Affairs
  • Svetlana Sowers, OTM
  • Tim Stelzer, Physics
  • Elizabeth Stern, Management Information
  • W. Jason Strutz, University Library
  • Emily Stuby, DMI
  • Elizabeth Stull, Computational Science and Engineering
  • Weifeng Sun, NCSA
  • Brad Sutton
  • Siew Szetho, Office for Planning and Budgeting
  • Don Takehara, Engineering Office of Research
  • Kate Techtow, System CIO Office
  • David Tewksbury, LAS
  • Pradeep Kumar Thiagu
  • Ryan Thomas, College of Education
  • Susan Thomas, Accountancy
  • Cheryl Thompson, School of Information Sciences
  • Paul Thornhill, University of Illinois Extension
  • Daniel Thurston, Illinois State Geological Survey
  • Christopher Tidrick, College of Business
  • Dimuthu Tilakaratne, Business Decision Support
  • Jonathan Tomkin, School of Earth, Society and Environment
  • Donna Tonini, Center for Global Studies
  • John Towns, NCSA/DCIO
  • Molly Tracy, Office of Advancement
  • Chuck Tucker, Mechanical Science and Engineering
  • Kurt Tuohy, Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts & Sciences
  • Colin Van Orman, School of Information Sciences
  • Nickolas Vance, Technology Services
  • Adam VanDuyne, ACES Admin
  • Sriharsha Vejella, University of Illinois Extension
  • Madhu Vellakal, NCSA
  • Claudia Vicentelo, University of Tarapaca
  • Richard Vogen, ACES Administration
  • James Wade, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
  • Jeff Walkington, University Laboratory High School
  • Robert Wallace, Enrollment Management
  • Nancy Walsh, Office of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Bryan Wang, Computational Science and Engineering
  • Doug Ward, Prairie Research Insitute
  • Mike Wellens, Fine and Applied Arts Administration
  • Brent West, Records and Information Management Services
  • Matthew West, Mechanical Science and Engineering
  • John Wilkin, iSchool
  • Scott Wilkin, NCSA
  • Alex Winter-Nelson
  • Michael Wonderlich, AITS
  • Jeff Woods, Applied Health Sciences
  • Maryalice Wu, CITL
  • Tao Xie
  • Fei Xue, Statistics
  • Dustin Yocum, OPRS
  • Jen-chien Yu, Library
  • Jia Zhong, Agricultural, Consumer Economics
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