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WCC Invited Alumni Career Lecture: "Transforming Ideas into Commercial Realities," Dr. Stephanie Potisek, Dow Oil, Gas & Mining

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ACS Women Chemists Committee - UIUC Chapter
1024 Chemistry Annex
Aug 16, 2017   1:30 pm  
Stephanie Potisek (PhD, 2008, Moore), Lead Oil Sands R&D Manager at Dow Oil, Gas & Mining
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Come hear Chemistry PhD alumna, Stephanie Potisek talk on "Transforming Ideas into Commercial Realities: A Career in Product Development."

Speaker Summary:

Innovation is defined as the introduction of something new or a new idea, method, or device, but innovation is more than a new idea or method.  It is taking that new idea or method and turning it into a reality.  In her Industrial R&D career, Dr. Potisek has had the opportunity to turn new products into a commercial reality, but it didn’t happen overnight.  She will start her talk by describing the transition from graduate school to industry and keys to her early successes.  It will be followed by the drivers facilitating her move from electronics to the oil and gas industry, where she had her first commercial success.  She’ll discuss some of the needs for successful innovation and commercial success, including not only technical, but regulatory, marketing, and financial requirements, and learnings along the way.  To expand on that discussion, Dr. Potisek will conclude by discussing alternative career paths.

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