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WCC Invited Alumni Career Lecture: "Industrial Careers in Chemistry," Matthew Luchansky, PPG

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UIUC Women Chemists Committee
1024 Chemistry Annex
May 24, 2017   1:30 pm  
Matthew Luchansky (PhD, 2012, Bailey), Senior Research Chemist, PPG
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Graduate Diversity

Come hear Chemistry PhD alumnus, Matthew Luchansky talk on "Industrial careers in chemistry: My story and the UIUC-to-industry transition."


Speaker Summary:

Transitioning from the life of a graduate student to the role of a PhD in industry is equal parts rewarding, challenging, and eye-opening. I will discuss my experience gleaned from moving from academia directly into industrial R&D, adding tips from my experience as a PhD recruiter and hiring manager at PPG. Though there are aspects of PPG’s work environment and approach to innovation that are unique, I will add general insights into job searches, career advancement, and keys to success within industry. During this seminar, I will highlight the types of opportunities that are available after graduation, as well as describe common pitfalls that I have observed from evaluating both applicants and new hires.

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