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Visualize Web Accessibility with Browser-Based Bookmarklets

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Illinois Webmasters
Room 126, Library and Information Sciences (501 E. Daniel Street, Champaign)
Jan 20, 2016   2:00 - 3:00 pm  
Jon Gunderson is the coordinator of assistive communication and information technology accessibility in the Division of Disability Resources and Education Services (DRES) at the University of Illinois. He is currently responsible for computer and information technology accessibility issues for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities at Illinois. Before his present position, he was a visiting assistant professor in a Rehabilitation Services Administration-sponsored engineering training program at DRES. He leads the development of the Accessibility Inspectors for Firefox and Firebug and the Functional Accessibility Evaluator service. He also led the development of the Accessible Web Publishing Wizard for Microsoft Office. Contact Jon Gunderson at

Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) has partnered with Pixo in Urbana to develop a set of accessibility bookmarklets to help visualize the accessibility information on web pages.  The bookmarklets support manual checking for accessibility by making hidden accessibility information visible to sighted users.  Accessibility information (e.g. markup for headings, landmarks, accessible names…), which is typically only available through DOM inspectors or assistive technologies, is now easily accessible to all users.  The initial set of bookmarklets supports viewing information on Landmarks, Headings, Images, standard Form Controls and Lists.  Bookmarklets work in any modern web browser (e.g. IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari).  Bookmarklets easily install into your list of bookmarks or the bookmarks toolbar of your favorite browser.  The bookmarklets highlight elements on a web page and provide a standardize set of information about the elements (e.g. role, accessible name…) associated with a category of accessibility requirements.  

Come and see a demonstration of how to use the bookmarklets to help you understand and verify the accessibility of web resources.   If possible install and try the bookmarklets before the workshop and bring your questions and ideas on how to make them more useful to you.  We will also be looking for input on the next set of accessibility bookmarklets that we should develop (i.e. data tables, links, color contrast, ARIA widgets…).

Join us in person or via Lync:

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