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Campus Electronics Recycling Collection Program - West Side

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Office of Sustainability
Lawn south of Student Center West (SCW)
Oct 3, 2013   10:00 am - 2:00 pm  
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Does your office have electronic equipment that needs to be scrapped or
recycled? Could you benefit from a central place and coordinated time to
unload those devices: hard drives, printers/copiers or other peripherals?
We think the Campus Electronics Recycling Collection (CERC) Program is the
innovation you have needed. You can also recycle your personal electronics at this event!

In Fiscal Year 2011, UIC recycled over 6,900 electronic items. Last year's CERC
collected upwards of 2,000 pieces to contribute to that total, keeping all
of this out of landfill. This year, we will continue this contribution to
a more sustainable university.

To surplus or scrap equipment, you will have to supply the approved FABweb
surplus disposal request found here.

You can find job aide to guide you through that process here.

Additional notes on equipment:

- A hard drive and a monitor must be listed separately, in case a
department wants one and not the other.
- Cords, chargers, cables, keyboards and mice should be boxed together
and listed separately from the hard drive or monitor. However, power
supplies should remain with laptops.
- Data on hard drives must be overwritten or ''scrubbed'' and all
equipment with a hard drive must be labeled with a ''scrubbed'' sticker. If
not, then someone in Property Accounting will have to degauss.

Departments must complete, approve & submit the FABWEB scrap/surplus
request by Friday, September 27 (noon) for UIC East and Friday, September 20 (Noon) for UIC West.

You can also recycle your personal electronics at the event! 



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