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6th Annual Global Activism Expo

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WBEZ, UIC Social Justice Initiative, and Illinois Humanities Council
Apr 6, 2013   12:00 - 6:00 pm  
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'The Expo is an opportunity for people to see their community and their world as a caring, thoughtful, and generous place,' says emcee Jerome McDonnell. 'Join us as we make a difference with our love, respect, and compassion.'

The struggles we face are bigger than any one person, but we can each take a step to make a difference. Join Worldview host Jerome McDonnell and meet lots of engaged, world-focused people. You'll learn about all the work that folks who've been featured on Worldview's long-running series, Global Activism, have been up to, and they'll show you how you can get involved.

UIC Social Justice Initiative's topic of conversation this year is Restorative Justice. Gender Justice. Global Justice. and will feature nationally known activists, scholars and journalists. They will be asking discussants difficult questions: 'What does it mean to make amends? How do we not only diagnose and 'treat' injustice when we see it, but how do we 'repair' a situation when harm is done. Is this always possible?' Break-out sessions and discussions will be hosted all day.

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