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'Walkable, Affordable and Preferable: Nuancing the Sustainable Neighborhood'

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Great Cities Institute
412 S. Peoria St, 4th Floor
Nov 8, 2012   3:00 pm  
Emily Talen, Professor, School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning, School of Sustainability
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The neighborhood context of affordable housing has been a significant concern among policymakers for decades. A new 'place-conscious' federal urban policy has recently elevated 'walkability' as an especially important goal in part because of its link to health and other benefits, yet research continues to find that walkability and affordability are often at odds because of land prices. Additionally, some research has questioned whether affordable housing in walkable locations should even be viewed as necessarily beneficial.  In this talk, Professor Talen will discuss the issues involved in relating 'walkability' to 'affordability' by comparing several case scenarios from around the U.S. that expose the contextual variation involved in neighborhoods that, on the surface, meet both of these goals.

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