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COOLFluiD: an open computational platform for multi-physics simulation and research

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Aerospace Engineering Seminar
100 Material Sciences and Engineering Building
Feb 27, 2013   1:00 pm  
Andrea Lani, Senior Research Engineer at Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Belgium
Laura Gerhold
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The COOLFluiD (Computational Object Oriented Libraries for Fluid Dynamics) project, which started in 2002 as a joint effort between the Von Karman Institute and the University of Leuven, has led to the creation of a world-class, extremely modular collaborative platform for high-performance scientific computing and multi-physics modeling. Within this framework, research efforts have so far been devoted towards the modeling of Space Weather phenomena, aeroacoustics, turbulence, aerothermodynamics and multi-physics coupling for aerospace problems, ranging from incompressible regime to hypersonics. COOLFluiD features a unique collection of parallel numerical solvers for unstructured meshes, where each physical model (i.e., a set of PDE's, including variable transformations, aerothermochemical properties, etc.) or numerical algorithm (e.g., space discretization, time discretization, linear system solver interface, coupling strategy) is enclosed in a separate component which is loaded dynamically at run-time. The seminar will present some of the main strengths and scientific results of the platform in terms of (1) reusable object-oriented techniques applied to scientific code design, (2) flexible high-performance computing solutions, (3) an overview of research applications and achievements. Particular attention will be devoted to the computational modeling of aerothermodynamics and plasma flows, including simulations of atmospheric re-entry flows in thermo-chemical nonequilibrium and of experiments in inhouse high-enthalpy facilities.



Dr. Andrea Lani is currently Senior Research Engineer in the Aeronautics and Aerospace Department at the Von Karman Institute (VKI) for Fluid Dynamics in Belgium. He received his M.Sc. degree of Aerospace Engineering in 2000 from the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy). After a short experience as a CFD development engineer at NUMECA International, he started working as a researcher at the VKI in 2002. He received a Ph.D. degree in Engineering Sciences from the University of Brussels in 2008 for his work on developing "An Object Oriented and High Performance Platform for Aerothermodynamics Simulation". In 2010, during a sabbatical year, he has been postdoctoral fellow at the NASA Ames / Stanford Center for Turbulence Research. Since 2008, he has been involved in activities from NATO Science and Technology Organization focused on the validation of CFD methods for the prediction of hypersonic flows, first as a participant and, since 2011, as a technical team member. Dr. Lani is co-designer, main developer and project leader of COOLFluiD, a collaborative simulation infrastructure for scientific computing and multi-physics, whose development has involved more than 50 international contributors so far. His research interests include numerical algorithms and models for aerothermodynamics, plasma flows and Magnetohydrodynamics, object-oriented design, generic programming and HPC.

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