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BIOE: "Systems biology of drug combinations and translational precision medicine"

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Department of Bioengineering
1000 Micro & Nanotechnology Laboratory, 208 N Wright St, Urbana, IL
Apr 11, 2017   2:00 pm  
Dr. Joseph Lehar, Head, Computational Biology, Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences), San Francisco, CA and Adjunct Professor, Bioinformatics, Boston University, MA
Lisa Leininger

"Systems biology of drug combinations and translational precision medicine”



Dr. Lehar will provide highlights of his research in the areas of systems biology and translational precision medicine, spanning his time at Verily, Novartis, and CombinatoRx. At CombinatoRx, his team explored innovative ways to use drug combinations as probes of biological systems, combining theoretical with experimental investigations. For Novartis's translational oncology, they provided analyses and methods to support ~20 pipeline compounds, performing large scale perturbation screens on cancer cell lines, devising molecular stratification approaches for early-stage clinical trials, and developing intelligent strategies for drug combinations. Finally, at Verily, Google's life science bet, they are providing computational analyses to support internal and partnered research efforts, and working with the software organization to build tools for integrative biological data analyses.


About the Speaker:

Dr. Lehar is at Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences), where he has spent two years building computational biology. Joseph came to Google from Novartis, where he was a director of bioinformatics for Oncology Translational Medicine, and before that he was at CombinatoRx, a biotech focused on drug combinations. As an adjunct professor at Boston University, he continues to pursue research on the systems biology of drug combinations. Joseph holds a Ph.D. in physics, and his original career was astrophysics, which he pursued at MIT, Cambridge University, and Harvard.


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