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BIOENGINEERING: Experimental and Modeling Techniques to Determine the Mechanical Properties of Blood Clot Structures

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Department of Bioengineering
2240 DCL
Oct 17, 2013   12:00 pm  
Dr. Rodney Averett, Research Engineering, Georgia Tech

The presentation will be focused on research efforts aimed at understanding the mechanical behavior of blood clots (thrombi) at different length scales. Blood clots form in response to vascular injury or can also form in cases of undesired and excessive coagulation, due to diseases such as diabetes,

cancer, or sickle cell disease. In both situations, the result is the formation of a protein polymer network comprised primarily of fibrin fibers, which provide the structure and integrity of thrombi. In addition,the fibrin fibers must be able to resist physical forces generated by blood flow and cellular invasion. Due

to this role, one of the main questions that has arisen in the field of thrombosis and hemostasis research is: What governs the elasticity and mechanical behavior of fibrin structures? Specifically, I will present modeling and experimental techniques that are being developed to understand the mechanical behavior of fibrin structures from the molecular scale up to the clot level. In addition, I will present data to show how these structures are affected in diseased states such as diabetes and sickle cell disease.

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