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GERMANIC LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES - Conference: "How Radical was the Enlightenment?"

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School of Literatures Cultures and Linguistics (SLCL); Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures; European Union Center; The Department of French; Department of Gender and Women’s Studies; Program in Jewish Studies; Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory; Program in Comparative and World Literature; Department of History; German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), New York
2nd Floor, Levis Faculty Center, 919 W. Illinois St., Urbana
Nov 7, 2013 - Nov 9, 2013  
KEYNOTE: John A. McCarthy, Vanderbilt University:  “Enlightenment as Process: How Radical is That?”
Professor Carl Niekerk
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All sessions will be held on the 2nd Floor of Levis Center.

The keynote lecture, by John A. McCarthy of Vanderbilt University, "Enlightenment as Process: How Radical is That?" will take place on Thursday, Nov. 7, at 4:30 p.m. 


Friday, November 8

9:00 AM

Session 1: International Contexts and Radical Enlightenment

9:10–9:45: Andrew Weeks (Illinois State University):  “Radical Reformation and Mystical Enlightenment: Precursors of Jonathan Israel's Radical Enlightenment”

9:45–10:20: Paul S. Spalding (Illinois College, Jacksonville): “Clandestine Political Activity of the Enlightenment: Hamburg Supporters of Lafayette in Austrian and Prussian Prisons, 1792 – 1797”

10:20–10:55: Monika Nenon (University of Memphis, TN): “Misanthrop or Prophet? German Rousseau Reception Revisited”


Session 2: Gender and Radical Thinking

11:10–11:45: Gabriela Stoicea (Clemson University, SC): “Form, Content, and Perspective:

On the Emancipation of a Literary Genre (Sophie von la Roche, Geschichte des Fräuleins von Sternheim)”

11:45–12:20: Ann C. Schmiesing (University of Colorado, Boulder): “Theodor Gottlieb von Hippel’s Über die Ehe and Über die bürgerliche Verbesserung der Weiber: Moderate and Radical Contexts”

Session 3: Radical Views of Other Cultures

1:30–2:05:   Chunjie Zhang (UC Davis): “Kant’s Physical Geography: Geo-diversity versus Uni-versality”

2:05–2:40: Daniel Purdy (Penn State): “Chinese Missionaries to Europe: Practical Philosophy from Asia”

2:40–3:15: Birgit Tautz (Bowdoin College): “Translating the World for a German Public or Mediating the Radical in Small Genres”


Session 4: Media and Genres of the Radical Enlightenment  

3:30–4:05: Peter Höyng (Emory University): “’Drum muthig, Brueder! Noch ist der Arbeit viel, / Und viel des Kaempfens’: Eulogius Schneider as an Enlightening Case Study on Rhetorical Empowerment”

4:05–4:40: Mary Helen Dupree (Georgetown University): “Radical Intermediality: Goethe’s Schillers Todtenfeyer (1805) as Experimental Theatre”

4:40–5:15: Sean B. Franzel (University of Missouri, Columbia): “How Radical are Enlightenment Media? The Case of the Journal”

Saturday, November 9

9:00 AM

Session 5: The Politics of the Radical Enlightenment  

9:10–9:45: William Rasch (Indiana University, Bloomington, IN): “Against Perpetual Peace”

9:45–10:20: Adam Chambers (University of Illinois, UC): “Radical versus Moderate Enlightenment in Schiller's Die Räuber

10:20–10:55:   Hans Adler (University of Wisconsin, Madison): “Remarks on Some Inconspicuously Radical Enlightenment Thinkers”

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