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"City on the Brink"

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NABJ, Department of African American Studies
Ballroom, Illini Union
Sep 25, 2013   5:30 pm  
Nathaniel and Cleopatra Pendleton; Shango Johnson; Vigol Hawkins; Evelyn Holmes; Ronald Holt; Alderman Walter Burnett

"City on the Brink" refers to Chicago, which has gained national attention as being the murder capital of America.  In light of the senseless violence plaguing the city streets, NABJ will facilitate an objective discussion addressing the factors of gun violence.  This forum will touch on a vast array of topics; from the way mainstream media covers crime to how rap music portrays it to how police and community organizations address it.  The central focus of this discussion will pertain to the multitude of social problems that has made violence endemic to American inner cities, particularly Chicago.  The escalation of violence in the Champaign-Urbana community will also be addressed.

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