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Current Geospatial Products of NASS and Future NASS Research Directions

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Ploughman Analytics and Research Park
Enterprise Works, 60 Hazelwood Dr., Champaign, IL 61820
Nov 20, 2013   12:00 pm  
Patrick Willis
Laura Bleill

Ploughman Analytics is pleased to announce a talk to be given by Patrick Willis, Contractor with the United States Department of Agriculture, National Agriculture Statistics Service. Mr. Willis will discuss the current geospatial products of NASS and future NASS research directions and take questions.

Bio: Patrick Willis has worked as a contractor for the Spatial Analysis Research Section of the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service since 1999. Prior to working with NASS, Patrick worked in private industry researching and developing agriculturally focused remote sensing applications at Space Imaging EOSAT and Resource21. Patrick has a master's degree in agronomy from Purdue University and a bachelor's degree in geography from the University of Illinois.

Summary: USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Geospatial Data Products

The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) provides timely, accurate, and useful statistics in service to U.S. agriculture. NASS’s traditional survey techniques are now being supported by geospatial technologies. Much of NASS’s research using satellite imagery to supplement crop acreage estimates and yield forecasting are now fully implemented and operational programs within NASS. NASS continues to research how geospatial data can improve the timeliness and accuracy of agricultural statistics, such as using remote sensing data to add a quantitative element to published reports on crop progress and crop condition.

Recently, NASS launched two new websites offering agriculturally-focused geospatial data products; CropScape and VegScape. CropScape (<>) serves crop-specific land cover data from NASS’s annual Cropland Data Layer (CDL) Program. The CDL is a GIS-ready land cover dataset that identifies cropland on an annual basis for the continental United States. CropScape offers advanced tools such as interactive visualization, web-based data dissemination and geospatial queries and automated data delivery to systems such as Google Earth.

VegScape (<>) is a geospatial data web service that offers daily, weekly, and biweekly updates of vegetative condition and enables quantification of U.S. crop conditions. VegScape is based on vegetation indices derived from NASA's MODIS satellite. CropScape and VegScape were developed in cooperation with the Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems at George Mason University.

Ploughman Analytics would like to thank the University of Illinois Research Park for providing an opportunity for the Research Park and University Community to hear from Mr. Willis.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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