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2013 PRISMS GLOBAL HEALTH LECTURE SERIES: "Viral Forecasting for Pandemic Prevention"

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Co-sponsored in part by the Center for Global Studies, CSAMES, and others
NCSA Auditorium; 1205 West Clark Street; Urbana, IL
Feb 11, 2013   12:00 pm  
Dr. Nathan Wolfe, Stanford University
Angela Williams
(217) 244-5939
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Current global disease control efforts focus largely on attempting to stop pandemics after they have already emerged. This fire brigade approach, which generally involves drugs, vaccines, and behavioral change, has severe limitations. Just as we discovered in the 1960s that it is better to prevent heart attacks then try to treat them, over the next 50 years we will realize that it is better to stop pandemics before they spread and that effort should increasingly be focused on viral forecasting and pandemic prevention. In this talk I discuss how novel viruses enter into the human population from animals and go on to become pandemics. I then discuss attempts by my own research group to study this process and

attempt to control viruses that have only recently emerged. By creating a global network at the interface of humans and animals we are working to move viral forecasting from a theoretical possibility to a reality.

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