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David Foster (Arizona State University). "The Photographer Madalena Schwartz, the Dance Troupe Dzi Croquettes and Cultural Resistance during the Brazilian dictatorship"

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Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese; Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies; the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies; US Department of Education Title VI grant; the Center for Advanced Study
Lucy Ellis Lounge (FLB 1080)
Apr 22, 2013   4:00 pm  

Of Hungarian Jewish origin, Madalena Schwartz (1921-93) had a late start as a photographer and quite by accident. However, she quickly went on to become Brazil's premier portrait photographer, choosing always to works in black and white. However, early in her career she became fascinated with Sao Paulo's vibrant countercultural nightlife and in the early 70s she began working closely with the highly transgressive and contestational queer dance troupe, Dzi Croquettes, and some of her most important photography is made up of behind-the-scenes images of the members of the group, which went on to enjoy immense success in Paris. This presentation will discuss the importance of Schwartz photography, with an emphasis on her work with Dzi Croquettes

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