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Hector Hoyos (Stanford University). 'Rubber Souls: Narratives of Vibrant Materialism in Latin America'

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Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese
Lucy Ellis Lounge (FLB 1080)
Apr 29, 2013   4:00 pm  

Hector Hoyos' talk makes the case for the articulation of new materialisms (Latour, Bennet) and historical materialisms (critical theory) in the study of Latin American narrative, writ large. To that end, this talk contrasts the agency of objects in the work of Fernando Ortiz with the role of rubber in selected works from Fordism and post-Fordism, including J.E. Rivera's La Vorgine (1924) and Ariel Magnus' Muecas (2008). In conversation with recent critical studies (French, Beckman), my presentation formulates reciprocal contributions between Latin American cultural production and current thinking on materiality.

Hector Hoyos is an Assistant Professor of Latin American literature at Stanford University. He received his doctorate from Cornell University in 2008. Hoyos works on visual culture and critical theory, as well as comparative and philosophical approaches to literature. His book Beyond Bolao: The Global Latin American Novel is forthcoming.

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